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  Tekstar Optical Introduces 5 Megapixel 10~120mm Lens with IR Manual Zoom
Tekstar Optical is launching new 1/2 inch 10-120mm 5 megapixel IR manual zoom.

Tekstar Optical Introduces World’s Smallest 40X Lens
Tekstar Optical is introducing the smallest 40X motorized zoom lenses available on the market today with its new high-quality ‘’Made in Japan’’ TEK40X series.
Tekstar Optical Surpasses Industry's Wide Angle Varifocal Range with New 2.5 to 15mm Lens
Tekstar Optical has introduced a true 6x Day/Night ultra wide aspherical, IR coated varifocal lens with DC auto iris that boasts the greatest range of any wide angle varifocal in the market today: 2.5 to 15mm.

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